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Taormina beaches isola bella

Taormina have many beaches in its territory and one of these is Isola Bella. It is in one creek of Taormina rock close to capo Taormina the cliff on the Ionian sea.

overview on isola bella beach taormina

The name take origin from the little island where, in the past, was built one house inside the rock by Lady Florence. The island is attached at the coast by little slice of beach and when the tide rise it is necessary wet to reach the house.

taormina beach house on isola bella

The beach of Isola Bella is all in little gravel and part of it is busy from private structures with their umbrellas but it is always possible to find a free area. The sea is of one beautiful cobalto color due to the presence, under sea, of rocks with their vegetations. I tips you to bring with you sea shoes for don’t pain for walking on gravel and rock.

the gravol of the taormina beach in isola bella

For to reach the beach there is only one way and is long the stair close to Ristorante Il Pescatore or with the boats. Yes it is possible to organaize excursions with local boats that offer many kind of experience as the immersions in the bay.

where is the stair to reach isola bella taormina beach

Reached the beach the overview in around is awesome you will see around you big slope behind and the island and ionian sea in front.

the rock cliff behind isola bella beach

For who like make snorkeling this is the right place. So, if the sea is no rough, is possible to turn the island among the rocks and seeing different kind of sea bottom with different fishes and little caves under sea.

isola bella taormina beach from satellite

Instead if you like do one trip with boat here you can find different company or private man that will bring you with the boat to see the rocky coast of Taormina and the Grotta Azzurra ( azzure cave).

Grotta azzurra isola bella taormina
Foto from twitter @cittaditaormina

For lunch there are different choices. There are restaurants where you can eat a good local product of fish with sicilian typical food and stay close the sea and enjoing of the overview and breez of sea. But if you don’t want stay in one restaurant is possible take some sandwich from the bar inside the private structure and eat it sitting in front the sea.

in front restaurant on the sea isola bella beach taormina

Afternoon is one problem because stay lying down on the gravel is very uncomfortable so is necessary organize the day on Isola Bella beach with many carefully. In the morning stay in the beach and after lunch make one trip with boat.

the beach of isola bella taormina

Whatever is the trip that you will make in Isola Bella will be always one beautiful day because the place will repay you of the little effort.

Fitwalking during holiday in Taormina path 1

If you like, during your holiday, to do sport like fitwalking, running here, among Taormina and Giardini-Naxos, you will have many fantastic paths. This that I’m going to show you is one of many other. Often I start from Trappitello, a Taormina’s country, and return in the same point after turned in Giardini-Naxos seafront. Whole of path, that I do in walking, is 15Km that possible make in 2hours. In the below map the black path is only forward, green path forward and backward and yellow is only in backward.

The start is in front of B&B Villa Valentina in Taormina. The first kilometer (black path) is between the nature where see only lemon trees in the countryside in around. In the first blue balloon you will meet the via Chianchitta. Here you will go in right long the climb and will go straight until SS114.

At the SS114, second blue balloon, you will go left for 1.5Km. This path is on sidewalk, long the main street that link Catania and Messina, and will bring you wher is the direction for Hotels.

When you will arrive here, third blue balloon, you will turn in your right until the end in the stop.

At the stop you will take to left.

This is a touristic street because here are the biggest Hotels in Giardini-Naxos. At one point you will see in your right a big ground with a little tower.

There is archeological area of Giardini-Naxos. The path will bring you in Giardini-Naxos seafront. Here, in the fourth blue balloon, instead to go towards harbour you will go in left.


You should do all the seafront until the end of giardini-naxos in Municipality square, red balloon, and you will back and will do the same green path.

When you will arrive in the point where the three line (black, green and yellow) meet you will follow the yellow path.

Long this path you will pass Chianchitta and after you will turn in your left and will meet Trappitello.

At the first big square in your left you will take the via Cannizzoli and will bring you in the poit of start.

So you will have made 15Km.

Taormina public garden naturalistic tour

taormina public garden from panoramic point of view

Taormina public garden is a naturalistic and panoramic place where is possible make a tour for relaxing and enjoying of overview.

It was built between 1897 and 1898 by Lady Florence Trevelyan an English aristocrat that settled here at the end of 18 century.

Etna and part of taormina from public garden long panoramic way

The Lady during a little naturalistic and panoramic tour around Taormina saw in this area the opportunity to build its garden of dream but didn’t know that in the future would be been the most beautyfull pubblic garden in Taormina. Thank Lady.

From it you can enjoy the panorama of Giardini-Naxos and the slopes of Etna. From its avenues it is possible, with a single photo shot, to capture Etna part of Taormina and the bay of Giardini-Naxos.
Map of public garden of taormina

The original name, given to him by Lady Trevelyan, was Hallington Siculo to approach him to his places of origin but with differences in the naturalistic aspect. Subsequently, after the acquisition of the Municipality, the name was changed to Duca di Cesarò Park but we of the place call it Villa Comunale di Taormina (pubblic garden).

 Victorian follies little building inside public garden in taormina

Inside there are many characteristic elements including the Victorian follies or the pagodas in wall and wooden structure where he loved to relax. The Cromlechs or series of monoliths driven into the ground which for the Celts represented astronomical observatories. Small aviaries, a lily pond and many other small curiosities that you will see during the tour.

via bagnoli croce entrance to public garden in taormina

Entrance near jolly hotel

entrance near monte taouro

The pubblic garden of Taormina has 3 entrances 2 at the ends and one intermediate. For this tour you will enter from via Roma next to the Hotel Montetauro. After the gate there are two avenues, one inside that runs alongside the tennis courts and a panoramic one from which to admire the Bay of Giardini-Naxos.

taormina pubblic garden panoramic and naturalistic way for tour

near tennis

The two avenues form two huge flower beds full of vegetation surrounded by trees. On each of these trees there is a label in honor of the fallen of the First World War. They show the name and surname, the date of birth and that of death.

brench inside taormina public garden

taormina panoramic way in public garden

The flower beds are bordered by a bougainvillea hedge along which the benches are set where you can sit and admire nature. The sound you will hear is the chirping of thousands of birds that find shelter among the vegetation.

taormina public gardens monument in memory of fallen second war soldiers

Both avenues lead to the central part of the villa and precisely in the area where there is the war memorial of the Second World War. Here are some war relics including the famous “Pig” small torpedo-submarine.
mai court inside public garden in taormina

From the large square, through two monumental semicircular stairs you reach the part where we meet the first Victorian Follies which overlooks the previous area. The surrounding area is furnished with 4 large flower beds where vegetation of all kinds takes place. Classic is to take a photo with the two characters, in bronze, sitting on the bench after the intermediate entrance.

the biggest Victorian follies inside public garden in taormina

Two other avenues branch off from here, flanking large flowerbeds where decorative elements are placed including a bust, placed on a terrace, representing Lady Trevelyan. At the end of the avenue you reach the largest of the Pagodas. A huge wall structure but at the same time light and elegant.

 ninfee square public garden taormina

Along the avenue that branches off from the pagoda you can see the area below which can be reached by continuing along the avenue and taking the ramp on the left. Here is the water lily basin and a large square with trees and benches to sit on. This was the place where as kids we loved to play climbing on pagodas or running through trees looking for pine nuts.

taormina villa comunale Le Cromlech

Continuing we will arrive at Cromlech.The area is delimited by these huge boulders coming from the old quarries of Taormina. The interior is in beaten earth and there are two large solid stone tables with benches.Ideal place to stop for a small snack.

taormina villa comunale viale panoramico vicino jolly hotel

From here along the panoramic avenue that runs alongside another large flowerbed, our panoramic point of view will constantly change giving us more and more beautiful views. From here we will arrive at a small aviary that once housed beautiful peacocks.

taormina villa comunale piccola voliera
Going up we will pass through two other small flower beds and we will reach the caretaker’s house also of authentic beauty and rich in decorative elements. Continuing we return to the water lily tank and then reach the central area and through the monumental stairs the intermediate exit.

taormina villa comunale casa del custode

Describes what the public garden of Taormina represents is presumptuous. You have to enter it and turn it wide and long. There is no real path, the various avenues are interconnected with each other and offer enchanting glimpses of nature and history. We have tried to summarize the nature of this park in this photo gallery.

taormina villa comunale busto di Florence Trevelyan

Last but not least, during the days it is possible to attend tennis matches and in certain periods to real tournaments. The tennis courts are red clay courts like Roland Garros.

taormina villa comunale campi da tennis

Easter Covid-19 Taormina

Easter, Covid-19, Taormina. Like every other city in the world, it is isolated and stopped at the day when the circular was issued which prevented people from leaving home without reason. The same applies to all the other places in the surrounding area such as Savoca, Castelmola, Trappitello, Alcantara Gorges, Etna and so on.

Taormina shop with hope posters covid19

Tomorrow is Easter and generally here we are used to seeing tens of thousands of people a day, beaches ready to welcome patrons with establishments full of umbrellas and deck chairs, pastry shops full of sweets typical of the Easter holiday and families preparing for Easter Monday.

Taormina corso umberto april pre covid-19

pastry shop corso Umberto taormina

The streets in this period would have been invaded by tourist buses, taxis that would have shuttled from one destination to another, cruise ships in the bay of Giardini-Naxos, hotels in full splendor and restaurants ready with their typical local dishes.

Giardini-naxos bay in april pre covid19

There would have been dozens of events related to religiosity, local agricultural products, fishing and nature. Etna would have been stormed by volcanology enthusiasts given its current state of light activity. Some evenings it is possible see little explosion and fire fontains.

Yes many “would have been” given that this small living being, virus, called Covid-19, has brought us to our knees, forcing us to retire to the house and not have a social life. Just the measures put in place by various governments to preserve as many people as possible from contagion and, unfortunately for those who have not made it, from death. Thanks go to them and a great R.I.P.for all the others passed to “better life”.

These are some pictures of Taormina and Giardini-Naxos in this period. For those who know places, they understand how sad it is.

taormina way for greek theater after quarantine covid-19taormina san pancrazio in state of quarantine covid-19taormina 9 april square in state of quarantine covid-19taormina corso umberto in quarantine covid-19taormina piazza duomo quarantena covid-19taorminalumbi parking in state of quarantine covid-19

In any case, we cannot do anything about it, not to use one of the characteristics that nature has given us, that is, the strength to get up and start all over again, perhaps improving ourselves. So let’s start with spending an Easter and an Easter Monday in the family as tradition wants around a table eating and chatting.
mosaic madonna with baby on her lap taormina torre dell'orologio

We have, to kill time, started today. We tried to prepare the typical Neapolitan sweet Pastiera in vogue during the Easter period, we spiced the lamb and prepared an excellent tomato and meat sauce. It seems excessive but, staying at home all day, you just taste a little this and a little that, so why not be ready for all this?

At the same time, we discussed some issues related to the excursions in the mountains above Taormina, the activities that can be done along the Giardini-Naxos coast, the shooting to be done on the seabed of Isola Bella, body rafting at the Alcantara gorges. Yes, this is the right time to find new experiences for you which, I hope as soon as possible, will begin to travel and spend moments of relaxation to leave this bad period behind.

Where parking in Taormina and around

taormina porta catania parking

As each place in the world, parking is a big problem due to the number of cars raise day by day. Taormina, as all cities and villages in around, have a problem with parking and for Taormina  the problem due to position and dimension of the city is most than other cities in around.

Every city is furnished of blue line long the main street and inside way where is possible parking after bought the ticket. You can bauy the ticket in bar, tobacco shop, newsagents or in automatic box long the way.


Taormina center have 2 big parking, Lumbi and Porta Catania Parking, and one small called Porta Pasquale. Long  via Roma,  via Pirandello and other way out of historical center there are blu line parking. My advise is arriving in Porta Catania Parking and let there the care due to it is at 200m from the main pedonal way called Corso Umberto.

There is another parking in Mazzarò close to the cableway station from where is possible reach Taormina with cableway. Close this parking there are many private parking..


You can find parking long the city’s streets inside of the blue strips. Everywhere you want to go like to harbor, seafront and to the beach you will find blue strips for parking. However there are a couple of area where you can find parking more easy than long the streets. One is in the cross between SS185 and SS114, other in San Giovanni neighboor and one below the end of SS185.


Due to the its position and dimension, Castelmola have not parking for tourist long the ways of the city. They are reserved for resident peoples. Instead outside the city, before to arrive in the entrance of city, there are 2 parking and long the SP10 is possible park inside blue strip.


For those that wan to go to the beach or have booked in Letojanni must know that the seafront in summer is, for half of the day, closed for car. But if let car is no one problem you can park inside the blue strip long seafront or you can park long the SS114 always inside the blue strip. In this last case there are different subways to link SS114 with the city.

Forza d’Agrò

Arrived in the city the first point where is possible parking is in Cammareri square but going around the city you can park inside blue strips that you find long the ways. Try even long the SP16.


As Forza d’Agrò even here you don’t find many peoples so is more easy finding parking. You can find parking long the SP19 and SP21 inside blue strips.


The city is crowded of cars and finding parking long the city’s street is very hard and become more hard due to the kind of drive in south of Italy. Around the city there are many little private garage where is possible parking but even this case could be busy.

The cheaper parking where is possible find space for parking is close to the Train Station called Cavallotti Parking. It is good for two reason one because it is close to the center and second because there is the bus stop. Another parking is Il Farina Parking.

Gole dell’Alcantara

The Alcantara gorges are along the SS185 that link Giardini-Naxos at Francavilla. Here there are many little places where is possible parking. The most big area for parking is inside the Botanic Park. You can parking there even if you don’t use the Botanic park or the lift for to go down at the gorges.

Castiglione di Sicilia

Will not be tough find parking here. Arrived in the city it is possible parking inside blue strips. But, if you want visit the center of the city go inside and try to find parking there. You will not have problem because is not at limit traffic.


The country is large and has several stalls for parking. As for Castiglione di Sicilia, the advice is to park as close as possible to the center, therefore, along the SS120 near the Hotel Scrivano and the adjacent square. Sunday morning becomes a problem as the area is intended for the weekly market. However, continuing beyond the market along the SS120 you can check if there are free places in the cross streets.

Motta Camastra

The town has two small parking areas both outside the town. Another area where to park is via XX Settembre but to get there you will have to cross the town along its small via Corso Umberto I which is a two-way traffic and small in size. Don’t be afraid to do this as vehicular traffic is limited to a few cars.

Zafferana Etnea

The town has small parking areas and some of these are reserved for residents. However you will find parking along the main and secondary roads of the country always within the blue stripes. Depending on where you need to go, choose the streets closest to the place and park there.

Etna Rifugio Sapienza

The area of Rifugio Sapienza is a large area equipped for parking. There are stalls wherever you go and the place never fails except for a few special days of sporting events.


Like all large cities, it is plagued by the parking problem at any time of the day. There are blue stripes on every street in the city and there are also itinerant car parkers who use every space to park customers. Do not be afraid, they are more than reliable even if in most of the times the aspect seems to confirm the exact opposite. But, if you want to be on the safe side and your intent is to visit the center then you have two possibilities besides that of the blue stripes. One is the car park next to the Pacini Garden behind the Porta Uzeda and the other is the Bellini car park 100m from via Etnea.

Taormina today 22 february 2020

In the last week of february Taormina begin to fill of new guests. Everywhere it’s possible hear foreign languages coming from everywher world.

piazza sant'antonio taormina

Restaurants begin to open its doors to new guests. Sitting in Bar you can see many peoples to go forward and backward long the way. In Piazza Sant’Antonio, close to porta catania parking of Taormina, the movement is uproarious. People’s stop here to see Etna in front with snow in the top.

Etna da piazza sant'antonio

The peoples in the Bar’s tables ask for every typical local food o pastries. Granita, cannolo with ricotta, pizze and beverage for to put energy and restart the walking long the main street, Corso Umberto, for to reache Greek Teather or other.

banco della pasticceria

banco della rosticceriaIn particularly, today is the last Carnival Day and local peoples are exciting and waiting the masked groups that will arrive at the Corso Umberto around 16:00. They will go along the Corso Umberto until the 9:00 dancing and singing. From 9 April square is possible to see the under beaches and the sea that in this moment is very attractive especially for the hight temperature.

piazza 9 aprile

The idea might be that to go at one bar eating some Arancino o pizzetta and after go to Villa Comunale where is possible to realax under the pine, looking the beautifull overview. There is possible to read or taking some pictures or sitting on one bench and repose.

villa comunale di taormina

Around the 16:00, return on the Corso Umberto long the Via Di Giovanni so to arrive in piazza Badia where the masked groups begin to prepare for the event. After, walk towards 9 April square where stop for to wait the masked groups for to see them passed dancing and singing.


If you have car my tip is, for to complete the day of carnival, to go in Francavilla di Sicilia, 40 min away from Taormina, where the peoples again dancing long the internal way as make in the past.

Taormina – Montalbano Elicona trip

The Montalbano Elicona village is perched on a hill in peloritani mounts at 65 Km from Taormina.

oversee on montalbano elicona

From the its higher position is possible to see Tirreno sea even if at 20km away from the coast. The village has been recognize as one of beautiful medieval village in Italy.

tirreno sea far from village

It’s date of origin is uncertain but the castle allow us to estabilish its first settlement in XI century when was built the firts walls of castle built of the romans. On this walls, long the centuries, were erected new wall of the new invaders like to Swabians, Aragonese and Spanish.

view on inside of castle

In 1805 it was given to the Gesuiti and becam a Monastery. Now it’s pubblic. As in other medieval italian villages cannot lack the churces and at Montalbano Elicona there are 5: Chiesa dello Spirito Santo, Chiesa di san Michele, Santuario di Maria Santissima della provvidenza, Chiesa di Santa Caterina di Alessandria, Basilica Minore di Santa Maria Assunta. Many for a small Village.

Basilica di santa maria assunta

Montalbano Elicona village is 65 km far from Taormina and it is reachable in 1 hour and 40min. Out from the confusion that there is in Taormina in spring and summer, when long the street there are many cars and peoples, Montalbano Elicona could be a choose for one day trip. Long the path you will meet different landscape that allow you to enjoy of the trip and do a beautifull experience. There are many road to arrive there but we tips you that pass trought Randazzo. Why? Because you could choose to see two village in one day and, if you will go in Sunday there will find the village market. Here, you could taste different local products

Sunday market in randazzo

Leaving from Taormina you should take SS185 in Francavilla direction. This way pass trought the Alcantara park where are the famous Alcantara Gorges. In Francavilla take Randazzo direction.

Long the road you will see enviroment changing and will always have, in your left, the Etna volcan. You will pass valleis and hills until when you will arrive Moio Alcantara an other village long the way.

Before your arrival in Moio you will see the shape of ancient Moio Alcantara volcano. From the Moio village you should go always Randazzo direction. From here the landscape becom Etneo or influenced of the Etna volcano in every aspect. Infact the ground is good for grape colture and long the road you will see many grape farms. The last trat before Randazzo pass is on the ancient lavas origined of past eruptions of Etna.

basilica santa maria assunta di randazzo interior

Arrived inRandazzo you could choose to visit it or continue towards Santa Domenica Vittoria the our tips road for to Montalbano Elicona.

From Randazzo the landscape change again and it will pass from Etneo to Montano. Valleys and hills for sheep breed where the ground hasn’t had the Etna enfluence. You will pass trought centuries pine grove and will see different Restaurant where you will find a typical Sicilian foods and you will have a different sensation of the Taormina’s coast.

Before arrive in Montalbano, a few kilometers before, you will see indications for Tholos that are ancient tombs and here there are several.

village center

When you are in Montalbano village seek a parking in center. From here depart the climb for to Castle.

overviw from center to castle

The area around the castle is the most ancient of the village. Narrow streets, with basaltic floor, run between the houses and run up to the castle.

ancient area

The Houses are built with local stones that have been worked by good local stone craftsmans. They left a beautiful witness.

houses in historical center

The facades have different aspect that depend of the kind of work of the stone. Some are regular and other no.

inside the center

Where Eat? Agri Hotel da Marianna Santa Domenica Vittoria, Trattoria Tipica Don Santo both long the road.


Sicily Taormina and surrounding in october 2019

Sicily Taormina and surrounding in october

This year in Sicily in Taormina and surrounding in October, summer seems want not finish. Short and medium-term forecasts also seem to confirm this trend. Good weather, calm sea and many events around can give the customers relaxing days. Taormina itself is full of tourists who travel around the city, targeting the most important sites especially the Greek theater. But beyond this there is so much more to see around Taormina.


Etna with its 3,200mt represents, in this period, an ideal place for those who love walking in nature and for those who would like to see an active volcano. The cloudless sky allows you to have a unique view that, in the absence of haze, allows you to see the Sicilian coast from Messina to Catania. In these days Etna has increased its activity with steam and gas puffs visible from Taormina and its surroundings all in complete safety. This is a unique show especially for those who choose to reach the summit.

etna visible from surrounding of Taormina
gas and vapor puffs from etna


Country on the slopes of Etna that in October is filled with events that revolve around the Ottobrata food and wine event that aims to make known the typical products of the Etna places. Every Saturday and Sunday of October a very large area will be a place of culinary activities of all kinds where it is possible to eat from savory to sweet. The town of Zafferana represents the last settlement before the ascent on Etna and the first that the Volcano takes aim during the violent eruptions. However in past centuries it was hit hard, but with little damage, only twice. Immediately outside Zafferana, going up the cone of Etna, there is an aedicule with the Madonna that protects the village from the muntagna (mountain).

ottobrata a zafferana one city in surrounding of Taormina
Stalls with typical local products.


It represents the seaside village par excellence. Beaches for all tastes, equipped waterfront and above all a lot of sun. In October, with temperatures approaching 30 °, the summer season seems to be endless. The beaches are still full of umbrellas and sunbeds, tourists are lying on the beach enjoying the sea and the excursion boats are shuttling between the port and the beautiful island. From 10:00 until 16:00 it is possible to enjoy the sea without the typical summer crowds. The water temperature is pleasant and the sun warms enough to want to soak in the sea.

giardini-naxos Taormina's near city
Beaches seen from the harbor of Giardini-Naxos


Along its main pedonal street, Corso Umberto, it is possible to enjoy these wonderful sunny days. Arriving at Porta Catania continuing towards Porta Messina you can visit the churches and the small palaces but at the same time you can sit in some bars and enjoy the typical Sicilian granita. From Piazza IX Aprile you can admire the bay of Giardini-Naxos and Mount Etna in a single glance and, turning towards the mountain, the ruins of the Castello della Madonna Rocca. Continuing along the Corso the advice is to see the Antico theater and then go to the public villa. There, in addition to the wonderful view of the bay, you can relax in the shade of the trees and enjoy the enchanting place.

Taormina from Giardini-Naxos
View of Taormina from Giardini-Naxos


Perched on a rocky outcrop whose shape looks like a molar, this beautiful medieval village attracts many enthusiasts of the landscapes and beyond. In fact, from the highest point, where the ruins of the old castle are located, it is possible to have a panorama that stretches from Messina and Catania. Its small streets are beautiful and the Catanese and Messina side faces it on both sides. The village still seems to have remained in the past. Less tourists, genuine and sincere shops. A place to visit simultaneously in Taormina. Along the way I suggest you stop at Madonna Rocca.

Main square of Castelmola

In addition to these places closer to Taormina it is worth seeing the villages like Forza d’Agrò and Savoca set of the Film the Godfather and the Alcantara Gorges.

As far as events are concerned, the beginning of autumn brings many new features especially in village festivals events where the watchword is to taste local products. To learn more, I refer you here where you can find festivals and festivals by province, months and countries.

Trip to Etna organized of yourself

overview on etna

If the idea is a trip to Etna organized of yourself, is need to know that Etna offer many choose for to see its powerful. The landscape in around is an example. There are different level for a trip in Etna specialy in south side of volcano cone. The place is called Rifugio Sapienza at 40minuts of Giardini-Naxos and 55minuts of Taormina. Here you can choose to remain only in the same livel of parking or go up to intermedy step or go until the top.

First level of trip to Etna organized of yourself

Start with the first level of trip to Etna in the area at the same level of the parking. You leave the car where is possible (inside the blu line with the visible ticket of parking) and walk in the border of parking. From here is possible to see the ionian sea and the valley where in the past years the different eruption have left milion meter cube of lava.

Overview on etna parking

The landscape is a big area of lavic rock on the which the nature tempt to reborn. This give you an unique sensation. After go behind the Crateri Silvestri Resturant wher will find an ancient volcano where is possible walking long the border and going inside. Even here the overview is fantastic and more you can try the sensation to stay in the border of one volcano. In front of this, in the big volcano side, ther is another crater but is need climbe long the its cone path.

Second level

The second level consist in taking the cablecar for to arrive at 2.800 meters on the sea. There you can choose to take a big truck for the third level or walking for the second level. The second level mea to walk for 2 km long the truck’s path and arrive in the border slope of the bove valley.

etna overview for second livel of trip

This valley rapresent one big safety tank for the city under as Milo and Zafferana. Infact the various eruption, happened in the past, are gone here where are stopped .Here there are milion and milion years of eruptions one above other. You can see this from the border.

Long the path for to arrive here you will see twoo little craters on your right one at 500mt from cablecar statio and other at 1.5km. The second is called Cisternazza.

Third level

The third level of trip consist in take the big truck with guide for to arrive in the top of volcano or, if is not possible for the volcano activity, more near as possible. This level can or not include the walking of the second level. The trip on the top will permit you to see the really power of Etna.

top of etna

There you will see steam, yellow trace of sulfur, holes on the ground made of the impact of stones throwned in the air from the crater when erupts and other element tipical of one volcano. Same to stay in one place descrited of Dante Alighieri in the novel called the hell.  Would have the possibility to learn many thing thanks the guide that are prepared in this mater.

etna valley under parking
Valley under parking
Silvestri crater
Under Silvestri crater
etna cablecar station at 2.800m on the sea
Cablecar station at 2.800m on the sea
etna truck
Big truck for to go on the top

Waterfront of Taormina

Taormina center on the mappa

The territory of the Municipality of Taormina extends for several square kilometers but, the center of Taormina does not really have a waterfront. Taormina develops on the promontory and overlooks the Ionian sea but does not have a real waterfront. However, its territory is in contact with the sea for much of its extension. In particular, the fraction of Taormina that is mostly in contact with the sea is Mazzeo.

Mazzeo Taormina

Mazzeo is located 5km from the center of Taormina on the Messina side. The village develops all along the beach where it is possible to find several bathing establishments. It has a promenade where you can walk and find some restaurants to eat.

mazzeo taormina
lungomare mazzeo taormina

Overall, the territory of Taormina has several beaches: Villagonia, Isola Bella, Mazzarò, Spisone and finally Mazzeo.

A real waterfront can be found in Giardini-Naxos, once part of the Taormina area. It develops in the Gulf under Taormina and enjoys a unique panorama that frames the sea and the Taormina promontory.

Lungomare Giardini-Naxos e Taormina nello sfondo
Giardini-Naxos and Taormina on background

Giardini-Naxos is located 4km from Taormina and is easily accessible. Wanting to exploit these resources around Taormina just use public transport. The area of Mazzeo is well served by public transport in the Municipality of Taormina as well as by private companies. To reach Villagonia just take the cable car. Giardini-Naxos can be reached by any bus that departs from Taormina towards Catania or Francavilla di Sicilia. Public and private transport timetables are posted at each stop or at the bus terminal. Ticket prices are average and the times are almost met.

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