Sicily Taormina and around events

In Sicily whatever is the event, it will be an occasion to insert gastronomic part and around Taormina there are many and different events. Yes, for us the food is one thing that weld together the peoples. Take a part of our events and you will find how much the Sicilian are warm and expansive and, in Religious events, how much are beliver. You will see all of this in our traditional events and expecially in Religious feasts. Ancient rituals are respected in every single part of the feasts.

Octopus festival in Pozzillo

Pozzillo is a beutifull seaside village in feet of Etna. Distinguish traits are the lavic cliffs of the Ciclopies Coast. This fest is a tribute to one of the local sea animals, octopus that will be cooked in different modes. As salad, in stewed, on the grill, with tomato, marinated and again and again. You […]

Sant’Andrea fest in Milo

This is an important fest in the Milo village. You must think that many emigrated inhabitants come back in the village for this event and for showing to the Saint their devotion. Procession of faithful and musical band. The fireworks will close the event. Presence of local gastrostomy.