Fiumefreddo di Sicilia Marina di Cottone beach

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Fiumefreddo is the second municipality, after the Alcantara river, in the province of Catania. Its territory extends up to the sea while the town is 2 km from it. The sea area is called Marina di Cottone and is partly located in a protected nature reserve.

The beach of Marina di Cottone measures a total of 3.5km and we can divide it into two parts. The first is the one that from the SP71i intersection with the cotton seafront goes towards the river Fiumefreddo, a protected area, and the one that runs parallel to the waterfront towards Riposto.

fiumefreddo di sicilia marina di cottone intera costa

The first part of the beach is 1.3 km long and is included between the river Fiumefreddo and the stream that separates it from the beach of San Marco di Calatabiano. This area is protected by a reserve constraint due to the presence, behind the beach, of an area with particular vegetation and land conformation.The shore consists of pebbles and medium sand as well as the seabed. Here there is only a small bathing establishment while the remaining area is free and uncrowded. For those who love nature and privacy on the beach this area is right for you. Behind the beach, parallel to it, there is a Eucalyptus wood that separates it from the dirt road which represents the extension of the Marina di Cottone seafront. This is just frequented by those who reach the beach or those who have possessions in the area. Parking is along the entire stretch of road from which the accesses to the beach branch off.

fiumefreddo spiaggia marina di cottone

The second section, the one parallel to the seafront towards Riposto, is 2.1km long and is very wide. It too can be considered naturalistic as for most of its extension it is separated from the road by an Eucalyptus wood. These trees were planted to meet the demand for cellulose from the largest paper mill in Europe that operated here in the 60s, the SIACE, of which today the impressive structures remain. The other part of the beach, due to its conformation, is separated from the road by a natural hill. The beach is frequented by locals or vacationers coming from neighboring countries. Given its size and position it is a little crowded beach, except for the period of August. For those who love having their space and don’t want too many people around this beach is a great solution. The only drawback could be the presence of fishing enthusiasts who consider this beach an excellent place to carry out their amateur activity. In the whole stretch there are only 3 bathing facilities and two restaurants. During the winter the beach lends itself to horse riding, nature walks or just to relax. The shore is made up of medium and fine sand as well as its seabeds.You can park on the waterfront, from which the various accesses branch out, or, in the period July-August, in the various private car parks that are set up in private lands near the waterfront.

fiumefreddo di sicilia spiaggia marina di cottone

In this area it seems that the sun never sets because the only presence of relief and at a great distance is Etna.