Giardini-Naxos beaches

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Villa Valentina B&B is situated in Taormina countryside. Inside at 7.000 sqm of orange grove from where is possible reached the most important touristic places around Taormina.

The beaches of Giardini-Naxos represent an extension towards the south of the beaches of Taormina. The coast of Giardini-Naxos starts from the Taormina station and reaches the mouth of the river alcantara river which separates the province of Messina from that of Catania. The entire coast of Giardini-Naxos measures 5.20km and is formed by beaches and outcrops of lava rocks generated millions of years ago by the raising of the seabed due to submarine eruptions. These beaches saw for the first time the arrival of the Greeks in 760 BC and colonizers arrived for all the centuries to come. Today they represent the greatest attraction of the country attracting tourists and inhabitants of the neighboring countries. The relationship that Giardini-Naxos has with the sea is stronger than that of Taormina, in fact, the whole country develops along them. From the station continuing towards Catania:

Giardini-Naxos intera costa

– Piazza Municipio is the stretch between the “Teocle”, home of the homonymous rowing sports club, and the Sirina stream. In this section the shore it is made up of a mixture of small-sized and medium-sized pebbles. The seabed in the section under the town hall square and in the surrounding area is rich in rocky outcrops and is suitable not only for swimming but also for diving. In the section after the marina the seabed is in pebbles. Along this stretch there is a single bathing establishment located at the marina while the rest of the beach is free. It is possible to park on the waterfront or on Via Umberto, parallel to the waterfront, inside the blue stripes. Access to the beach is scattered along the sidewalk.

giardini-naxos spiagge zona municipio

-St. John so called because of the presence of the imposing pointed church dedicated to the saint. This stretch is included between the Esso gas station, where the one-way direction begins, and the medical watch station. The shore It consists of sand and small pebbles. The seabed is variegated with the sparse presence of submarine rocks. Interesting is the presence of breakwaters that are used to lie in the sun or to dive. This area is very popular with locals. In all the stretch there are only 2 bathing establishments. You can park inside the blue lines on the waterfront or near the post office where there is a large parking area

giardini-naxos spiaggia san giovanni

-Naxos this is the name that has been given to this part of the country and therefore to the relative beach roughly included between Piazza San Pancrazio and the port. It is the most famous and popular beach of Giardini-Naxos. The shore it consists of sand as well as the seabed. The latter, in the area closest to the port, vary their depth, or rather, they are created offshore, where the depth is about 1m. The locals call it “a sicca”. The stretch of beach is mostly occupied by the bathing establishments and only the part below San Pancrazio and the part next to the port is open access. You can park on the seafront or on the main road inside the blue stripes. The entrances are along the waterfront sidewalk.

giardini-naxos spiaggia naxos

-Recanati included among the outcrops of rock behind the harbor and the Hotel Naxos Beach. This part of the beach has a more naturalistic feature and is much frequented by the vacationers who, during the summer period, reside in this area. The shore and consists of small pebbles. There are some rocky outcrops from which you can dive or set off for diving behind the harbor. Bathing establishments and private establishments are in such numbers as to leave a lot of free beach. These areas can be accessed from the pedestrian lane along the stream that runs along the archaeological excavations and from the one in front of the Carabinieri barracks, next to the Ramada Inn and finally next to the Naxos-Beach. You can park along the road in the blue lines or along the Viale Jannuzzo where there are 4 private parking lots at very low costs.

giardini-naxos spiaggia recanati

– Les Roches Noire so called because of the presence of the residential complex for vacationers there present. This stretch is included between the Naxos beach and the Alcantara river. The beach is very wide and frequented only by the vacationers who crowd it in August. In the other periods it is suitable for those who do not like the crowd. The shore is made up of sand and pebbles as well as the seabed. The bathing establishments are few and there is the presence of a water slide for children. To park you have to go directly to this area through the porticoed street where the Sidis shopping center is located.

giardini-naxos spiaggia les roches noire