The municipality of Letojanni develops along the coast for about 4.0 km and is all beach and borders on one side with Mazzeo, the fraction of Taormina, and the second with the cape Sant’Alessio. About half of the entire beach of the Municipality of letojanni forms its waterfront in the city center and, to be more precise, up to the Sillemi area. Beyond the Sillemi area, going towards Messina, the beach runs almost parallel to the SS14 outside the town and borders with Capo Sant’Alessio.

letojanni intera costa

– the stretch between Mazzeo and the Letojanni sports field is the most frequented area where most of the seaside resorts and restaurants on the sea are concentrated. It is as if it were a continuation of the Mazzeo beach from which there is no real separation. As you go towards the sports field, past Piazza Durante, the overcrowding is reduced but not by much. The beach is wide, its shore is of medium and fine sand and the seabed represents an extension without rocky outcrops. This stretch of beach also represents the place of conviviality of the locals who consider it as a continuation of their own home being close to the town. It is used both during the day and at night. During the period of August it is stormed by bathers from every neighboring area. Beyond the sports field the crowding is reduced, as are the bathing establishments. We can consider this area a bit like a periphery of the beaches because, despite being on the seafront of the town, it is in the part where there are no more houses which are replaced by the sports field and the cemetery. The Sillemi area is a bit more restful due to the presence of the hotel, restaurants and a lido lined with a swimming pool inside the villa. To take advantage of the entire stretch of beach, you must enter the village and take via M. Garufi and its continuation, L. Rizzo, which are nothing but the waterfront up Sillemi. For parking on the waterfront in the blue lines or in the private parking lots that are realized during the summer period under the C. Cagli square. Another place to park is on the SS114 in the section above the town, inside the blue stripes, which can be reached with the underpasses or stairways.

letojanni spiaggia interno paese

– The section between Sillemi and Capo S. Alessio can be considered more naturalistic, less crowded and wider but less long. The only flaw is not having the country close to you that if on one hand it can be a resource and a diversion to being on the beach on the other could be a negative factor because it would deprive this beach of its main status or being less frequented and therefore more isolated and therefore more privacy. In fact the beach is not visible either from the SS114 and to access it there are only two points very far from each other. One immediately after Camping Paradise and the other at Fondaco parrino. This allows those who want a lot of privacy to walk a beautiful stretch of beach on foot, having entered from one of the two access points, and find themselves with very few people but at a distance. Even here there is no lack of beach facilities where you can take an umbrella or something to quench your thirst or eat. Of course they are located right next to the two access points. The shoreline along the entire stretch is of medium and fine sand and the seabed is a continuation of it without rocky outcrops. To park either on the SS114 or in the private parking lots at the two access points.

letojanni spiagge fuori dal paese