Sant’Alessio is a small town on the Ionian coast which is a short distance from Taormina in the direction of Messina along the SS114. It is distinguishable because it is located under the homonymous Capo Sant’Alessio formed by a large white cliff 20m high on which there is a castle. The village is located below on the north side.

Its beach has a length of 2.0km and is limited on one side by the promonorium and on the other by the stream. Not all the beach has such a width that it can take advantage of it. In fact, there is a central stretch where the beach is reduced to a width of 1m and is occupied by breakwaters. The first usable part, and the widest, is the one under the Capo Sant’Alessio pretty especially for its position close to the promontory and for its being little frequented in the summer periods except for the month of August. In this section the shore is composed of pebbles and sand as well as the seabed. There are two bathing establishments that take up little space so as to leave the rest free to the patrons. The second section starts from the breakwaters and reaches the mouth of the stream. The latter is dry throughout the summer. The width of this stretch increases as you approach the mouth of the stream. Here too the shingle is mixed with pebbles and sand as well as the seabed. Bathing establishments are almost absent. To take advantage of the beaches you have to reach the seafront which can be accessed from the entrance to the south side town, immediately after descending from Capo Sant’Alessio, and from several streets perpendicular to the SS114 or via Consolare Valeria. You can park on the waterfront inside the blue lines or in the neighboring streets provided with blue stripes.