Taormina beaches

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Villa Valentina B&B is situated in Taormina countryside. Inside at 7.000 sqm of orange grove from where is possible reached the most important touristic places around Taormina.

Taormina has an indented and mixed coast with different types of beaches in terms of conformation, seabed and type of shore. It extends from the Taormina station, on the border with Naxos gardens up to the stream that divides the hamlet of Taormina, called Mazzeo, with the municipality of Letojanni. The length of the entire coast of Taormina is about 6.5km of which most are cliffs such as Capo Taormina, the bay of the beautiful island, the area of the villa sant’andrea and that of the atlantis bay. The remaining part is characterized by beaches inserted between the cliffs or overlooking the open sea.

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Starting from the train station continuing in Messina direction, the list of beaches is:

– Villagonia between the station and the Taormina cape consisting of a shingle made of small and medium-sized pebbles. The seabed reflects the shoreline except for a series of rocky outcrops. On this stretch of beach, generally little visited, there are two bathing establishments. The perspective is that of the bay of Taormina and, in the distance, the bay of Giardini-Naxos. During the period between July and August, the bay is filled with yachts and pleasure boats. For those who love diving, the bottom of this bay holds archaeological surprises. It is possible to reach it from a subway which branches off from the SS14 at street number 39 where there is a parking lot.

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– Isola bella known above all for the presence of the small island in which a luxurious villa was built, set in the rock, today owned by the Sicilian region. The shore is made up of pebbles of medium size and the seabed with rocks with outcrops everywhere. Most of the already small beach is occupied by private establishments except for the triangle in front of the island. It is reached by one staircase that starts from the SS114, Mazzarò area, next to the “la baia” restaurant. You can park along the SS114 in the blue lines or at the municipal car park below the cable car station.

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-Bay of Mazzarò or bay Villa Sant’Andrea so called because of the presence of the homonymous Hotel Villa Sant’Andrea. Set between two cliffs,the shore consists of sand end and the seabed from pebbles and small rocky outcrops. Also this beach is of modest dimensions and, for the most part of the surface, occupied by bathing establishments and owned by the hotels. To get there just take the subway In front of the cable car parking lot where it is better to stop.

-Spisone is the stretch of beach between the Lido Caravella and the king of the sun. Considering the length of the stretch, as well as the access points, we have divided it into 2. This is one of the historical traits of Taormina, which has always been a favorite with locals for a beach that evokes good memories. In the first section, the Lido Caravella, the shore  is consisting of small pebbles and medium sand and the seabed is with pebbles and some rocky outcrops on which, in the past, a trampoline was mounted. Here there are two bathing establishments. In the second section, king of the sun, the shore  and consisting of medium and fine sand and the seabeds are in pitruzze with a single rocky outcrop. The bathing establishments are about 3. This stretch is close to a rocky block on top of which there is an old post, in concrete, used by the Germans for sightings from where, for the more adventurous, it is possible to dive. Access from the SS114 is one where there is the lido Caravella and the other where there is the lido king of the sun . You can park along the SS114 inside the blue stripes.

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– Mazzeo which represents the fraction to sea of Taormina. It is a small, densely populated seaside village that overlooks the entire beach. Basciasciuga for the entire beach is fine sand as well as the backdrop. Here there is the presence of bathing establishments but they are less invasive than the previous beaches. The beach can be accessed from anywhere of the Mazzeo seafront . To always park in the blue stripes along Viale Alcide de Gaspari.

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