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Villa Valentina B&B is situated in Taormina countryside. Inside at 7.000 sqm of orange grove from where is possible reached the most important touristic places around Taormina.

Etna tour with surprise

Etna, as is well known, is a volcano in continuous activity called Stromboliana due to the characteristics that unite it to its similar on the Aeolian islands. During the year, this activity increases and it is possible that from one of the vents, magma can be seen visible to tens of kilometers from it. From the b & b Villa Valentina it is possible to admire, during the night hours, the tongues of fire that glide along the crater. In the last days of August 2018, one of these magma spills occurred with increased pressure in the volcano channels. Day 05-09-18 around 2:00 pm a loud roar was heard that shook the house shutters. This did not cause a sensation because we are used to this type of roar produced by the volcano. That day a couple of customers had gone on an etna trip. Making base to Rifugio Sapienza they made the first ascent with the funicular and later with the jeeps they reached the top of the volcano. During their stay there was an explosion, which we heard from the b & b, and they resumed the event consisting in the release of pressure fumes laterally to the cone. According to them it was a wonderful experience and I think they are right because attending such an event is very rare. In the evening, on returning from their experience, they showed me the short video and asked them if they could send me a copy. Thanks to their kindness I want to share their experience with you.