Calabretta farmer company

Among the many things that characterize this company there is the link with traditions. One of the first choices is to have positioned their cellars in the underground rooms. Tradition and technique want, with good reason, that the wines are aged in cool and undisturbed places. The vineyards are located in different areas of the towns of Solicchiata and Passopisciaro both on the north side of Etna facing the mountains of Taormina. There are several wines produced by this company, some of which have a long aging process.

Etna Rosso aged,

Nonna conceives wine produced in limited quantities and therefore very valuable,

Contrada dei Centenari red wine from the vineyards of Passopisciaro.

White Carricante a white IGT

GaioGaio fruity and slightly spiced red wine

Rosé wine produced to be consumed immediately after fermentation.


Nerello Cappuccio wine with a deep red color

Minnella White