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Villa Valentina B&B is situated in Taormina countryside. Inside at 7.000 sqm of orange grove from where is possible reached the most important touristic places around Taormina.

Giardini-Naxos one day to spend in sea

Which beach to choose to spend a day at the beach? Personally, I prefer the beach of Giardini-Naxos, the part between the port of Giardini-Naxos and S. Pancrazio.

giardini-naxos golfo

Why this choice?

  1. For its position included in a semi-enclosed gulf, therefore few currents and milder water temperature, with the town behind it with its promenade full of shops, restaurants, bars and social life;
  2. for the type of beach in fine sand;
  3. for the seabed without rocks and also in fine sand;
  4. for the presence of an area, facing the lido di naxos, where the depth of the sea does not reach two meters;
  5. for the presence of private structures where it is possible to rent an umbrella and sunbeds;
  6. for the possibility of renting a pedal boat;
  7. for the view of the gulf with Taormina and Castelmola as a frame.

All this makes it, in my opinion, an ideal place to spend a day without getting bored and diversifying from the usual “activity” of lying in the sun or in the shade for 5-6 hours at a time. Going to the beach you can choose to stay in one of the beach facilities, renting sunbeds and umbrellas, or in public portions. For this last choice it is advisable to bring a parasol with you to spread out during the hottest hours, since here the sun “beats. But how could we have spent the day on the beach? Meanwhile, lying on the warm sand in the morning to get some confidence with the place is a good start. Then test the water temperature, soaking your feet in the sea. This allows us to understand if we like it for a short swim before lying in the sun. Yes, but being in the sun after 1 hour starts to get bored. Then? We go to the beach for a drink or maybe we rent a pedal boat for a couple of hours and find out what’s beyond the beach? Yes, we go to the bar or supermarket to buy bottles of cold water and then go where they rent pedalos to get one. Loaded the necessary, that is water, tablecloths from sea, mask from scuba and things of value let’s head, sea conditions permitting, towards the port for then overcoming it and directing ourselves towards the back part of the same. Here the beach becomes lava rock as well as the seabed where the marine flora and fauna is rich and varied. Ideal place for those who love snorkling. Walking along the rocky coast we come to a cove where the rocks emerge from the beach, once again made of sand and pebbles. This area is called recanati place where locals love to go because of the presence of beach and rocks where you can dive or maybe sit to admire the landscape or fish in peace. A stop to rest before leaving is necessary. Returning to the Gulf of Naxos, we still have the time and energy available, we will continue along the coast that leads to Cape Taormina so as to have a panoramic view of the Naxos and Taormina gardens, different from the one sitting on the beach. There will be several foreshortenings that attract attention to take souvenir photos. Of course all this will be done very calmly, giving us moments of rest alternated with those of leisure with swims to look at the seabed. After two hours of activity at sea, you will feel the physical need to relax on the beach for a few more hours. In the meantime it will be already late afternoon and on the waterfront the clean life will begin to become more and more frenetic. People will begin to depopulate the beaches to walk along the promenade that goes from the lido di naxos to San Giovanni making small stops to photograph the places from different points of view, take an ice cream or rest a few minutes. Tired of the sea, of the walk, you just have to take the car and return to the B&B and get ready for the evening.