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Villa Valentina B&B is situated in Taormina countryside. Inside at 7.000 sqm of orange grove from where is possible reached the most important touristic places around Taormina.

Giardini-Naxos searfront

Giardini Naxos is in fact the first Greek colony in Sicily. In addition to the archaeological area of Naxos, little remains of the testimony of the Greeks in Giardini-Naxos. Its notoriety is due both to nearby Taormina and, above all, to the presence of numerous and beautiful beaches that attract many tourists.

Its seafront is beautiful and includes the entire port area, continuing to the end of the town towards Taormina.

giardini-naxos intero lungomare

It is both winter and summer, offering a different stage day by day created by the more or less intense flow of tourists or by climate change that generates different atmospheres. The environment around it changes depending on whether or not there is rough sea, from the presence of clouds on the horizon or rain, from the presence of clouds that hide Taormina or other atmospheric factors that influence its lighting.

The waterfront is also the place where all the religious events, events and festivals in the country take place. To list some of them: the fish festival, the San Pancrazio party, fashion shows, television shoots, the feast of the Madonna and more.

During the month of August, every evening starting at 6:00 pm, part of the promenade, the one between the mermaid and San Giovanni, is closed to vehicular traffic, becoming a pedestrian area where you can spend an entire evening full of nightlife .

We have divided the seafront into 4 different areas due to the presence of shops, excellent panoramic viewpoints, tranquility and naturalistic areas.

The first area is that of the port up to the first bathing establishment that you meet going towards Taormina. From the port, and from the inner arm, it is possible, with a single photo shoot, to frame Taormina and the Giardini-Naxos promenade at different times of the day, thus obtaining a diversity of unique images. This area covers all the lava outcrops behind the harbor where nature has remained intact for millions of years. In this area you will find several restaurants some of which overlook the harbor and others on the rocks. You will not find any kind of shops. Continuing towards the bar for a while the view of the sea will be prevented by the presence of the enclosures of the bathing establishments but will offer a nice atmosphere.

giardini-naxos lungomare zona porto

The second area, continuing towards Taormina, is included between the terminal part of the first area and Piazza San Pancrazio. Along this stretch it is possible to take photos in the direction of the port and the bay which, especially when the lights come on, offer a myriad of reflections reflected from the sea. Here you will find most of the well-equipped bathing establishments as well as all kinds of shops, restaurants, bars, small disco-night clubs on the beach, pubs, sandwich bars, rotisseries and much more. A very popular place for locals is the part of the San Pancrazio church where there is a small square where people love to sit and chat.

giardini-naxos lungomare tra porto e san pancrazio

The third area is the section between Piazza San Pancrazio and the church of San Giovanni where the number of people tends to decrease as well as shops and other commercial activities. However, there are many pubs, restaurants and places to sit and drink some alcoholic beverages or sit by the bay. This trait, like the latter, is much frequented by locals who have their own dwelling houses right in front. Even here there is the presence of small beaches but with fewer bathing establishments. Excellent for a few hours on the beach especially because, like the waterfront, they are frequented by many local people who consider it an expansion of their home, thus creating a family atmosphere. Also from this stretch it is worth taking some panoramic photos or even 180 ° including the port, the horizon over the sea and Taormina.

giardini-naxos lungomare tra san pancrazio e san giovanni

The fourth and last area is the one from S. Giovanni to the end of the promenade in the area of the marina. Here the shops and restaurants are sparse. It is the least frequented stretch, except for the terminal area, but of great interest especially due to the viewpoint it offers along the seafront and the port given the concave shape of the coast. Great for those who like to walk without the presence of too many people relaxing by the sea. It is customary, in the afternoon, to come across fishing enthusiasts who, looking out from the parapet over the sea with their fishing rods, relax while waiting for some prey to bite their hook.

giardini-naxos lungomare tra san giovanni e il porticciolo

The characteristic feature of the Giardini-Naxos seafront is the presence of the parapet from the sea side with a height that allows people to sit and stay there chatting and watching people strolling in this great natural catwalk.

The total length of the promenade, which goes from the port to the end of Giardini-Naxos in the direction of Taormina, is about 3km.