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Villa Valentina B&B is situated in Taormina countryside. Inside at 7.000 sqm of orange grove from where is possible reached the most important touristic places around Taormina.

Savoca Godfather tour

Once you arrive in the town, you can park in the blue pay-per-view strips and get to Piazza Fossia (1) from which to start the tour. Via Pentifurri starts from the square, a long walk immersed in nature that will lead you to the ancient district of Pentefur (2), the oldest of the 5 neighborhoods of Savoca. From there you will reach the Mother Church (3), dating back to the Norman period, is dedicated to S. Maria in Cielo Assunta. The structure is a Latin cross with 3 naves. From the church, continuing along via Chiesa Madre, on your left above you will see the ancient castle of Pentefur (4), of which only ruins remain, and below you will find the church of San Nicolò (5) presumably from the 13th century.

The three-nave building houses several finely worked marble elements. Going down via S. Michele you reach the museum of the rural world (6) and then you arrive again in the square where you will find the famous bar Vitelli (7) ancient noble palace and movie set of the film the Godfather. Behind the Vitelli bar is the Convento dei Cappuccini (8) dating from the 15th century and where the Church of the Holy Cross and the Catacombs is located. Behind the square v is the Church of San Michele (9). Finally you can take a last walk along the Via Pineta to go down to the public park (10).