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Villa Valentina B&B is situated in Taormina countryside. Inside at 7.000 sqm of orange grove from where is possible reached the most important touristic places around Taormina.

Taormina Greek Teather tour

The Greek-Roman Theater of Taormina is one of the oldest in Sicily and today plays an important role in the Taormina panorama. Its main feature is the position on top of a promontory that dominates the whole Etna valley on one side and the Valle D’Agrò on the other. Impossible not to be fascinated by it. Many panoramic viewpoints offer the viewer ideas for photos and contemplation.

taormina greek teather multimedia area

After the ticket office you will find a fork. On your left of the external stairs and on your right the ramp that continues towards the theater. Take the latter and you will reach a large area where there are finds such as parts of columns, trabeations, vases. In front of this area there is the entrance to a multimedia atrium where there are screens and explanatory panels and an avenue on your right that leads to the stairs of the cavea.

taormina greek tether internal path

Continue towards the avenue, there is time for the multimedia room. At the end of the avenue begin the steps leading to the top passing through various rooms.

taormina greek tether panoramic view on etna

Along this route you will have unique panoramic views of both Taormina and the bay of Giardini-Naxos. Go up beyond the auditorium reaching the top of the theater. Here the points of view range from the Catania side to the Messina side.

taormina greek tether taormina supirior square

Precisely from this point we can see how the choice of the position was one of the best. This part of the theater is characterized by a large square and by the path that follows the shape of the theater. Looking around you will also notice the presence of a small museum reachable by a staircase.

taormina greek tether taormina museum

The museum stands on a hill from which the view becomes even more intriguing. Inside the museum there are several ancient finds such as busts and architectural elements of the facades.

panoramic view of taormina greek tether

After the visit to the museum, continue along the summit path that will allow you to see the surroundings of Taormina. Looking out from the cavea you will see the theater layout with the area intended for artists and their performances.

taormina greek tether

From the cavea you have an extraordinary view. Etna seems to be framed by the walls that are still standing today. At the time of the Greeks, from the cavea, it would have been impossible to see both Mount Etna and the bay of Giardini-Naxos. The presence of the scene obstructed the view.

Turn around a bit to savor the places and then continue along the perimeter of the auditorium to reach a staircase that will lead you near the entrance.


From there, return to the starting point and enter the multimedia room to learn some historical notions. From here you can access the part that was reserved for shows or in the orchestra. Entering inside you will feel, in an improper way, the sensation of being gladiators entering the arena. Imagine the sensation that the artists or the wrestlers felt when they turned around and looked at the stairways full of cheering spectators.


Take all the time necessary for this place to remain in your mind and above all check if there are evening shows in the days to come. If so, take advantage of it and buy the tickets, the show will be ensured not only by the artists but by the enchantment that the Theater transfers on summer evenings.