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Villa Valentina B&B is situated in Taormina countryside. Inside at 7.000 sqm of orange grove from where is possible reached the most important touristic places around Taormina.

Taormina – Montalbano Elicona trip

The Montalbano Elicona village is perched on a hill in peloritani mounts at 65 Km from Taormina.

oversee on montalbano elicona

From the its higher position is possible to see Tirreno sea even if at 20km away from the coast. The village has been recognize as one of beautiful medieval village in Italy.

tirreno sea far from village

It’s date of origin is uncertain but the castle allow us to estabilish its first settlement in XI century when was built the firts walls of castle built of the romans. On this walls, long the centuries, were erected new wall of the new invaders like to Swabians, Aragonese and Spanish.

view on inside of castle

In 1805 it was given to the Gesuiti and becam a Monastery. Now it’s pubblic. As in other medieval italian villages cannot lack the churces and at Montalbano Elicona there are 5: Chiesa dello Spirito Santo, Chiesa di san Michele, Santuario di Maria Santissima della provvidenza, Chiesa di Santa Caterina di Alessandria, Basilica Minore di Santa Maria Assunta. Many for a small Village.

Basilica di santa maria assunta

Montalbano Elicona village is 65 km far from Taormina and it is reachable in 1 hour and 40min. Out from the confusion that there is in Taormina in spring and summer, when long the street there are many cars and peoples, Montalbano Elicona could be a choose for one day trip. Long the path you will meet different landscape that allow you to enjoy of the trip and do a beautifull experience. There are many road to arrive there but we tips you that pass trought Randazzo. Why? Because you could choose to see two village in one day and, if you will go in Sunday there will find the village market. Here, you could taste different local products

Sunday market in randazzo

Leaving from Taormina you should take SS185 in Francavilla direction. This way pass trought the Alcantara park where are the famous Alcantara Gorges. In Francavilla take Randazzo direction.

Long the road you will see enviroment changing and will always have, in your left, the Etna volcan. You will pass valleis and hills until when you will arrive Moio Alcantara an other village long the way.

Before your arrival in Moio you will see the shape of ancient Moio Alcantara volcano. From the Moio village you should go always Randazzo direction. From here the landscape becom Etneo or influenced of the Etna volcano in every aspect. Infact the ground is good for grape colture and long the road you will see many grape farms. The last trat before Randazzo pass is on the ancient lavas origined of past eruptions of Etna.

basilica santa maria assunta di randazzo interior

Arrived inRandazzo you could choose to visit it or continue towards Santa Domenica Vittoria the our tips road for to Montalbano Elicona.

From Randazzo the landscape change again and it will pass from Etneo to Montano. Valleys and hills for sheep breed where the ground hasn’t had the Etna enfluence. You will pass trought centuries pine grove and will see different Restaurant where you will find a typical Sicilian foods and you will have a different sensation of the Taormina’s coast.

Before arrive in Montalbano, a few kilometers before, you will see indications for Tholos that are ancient tombs and here there are several.

village center

When you are in Montalbano village seek a parking in center. From here depart the climb for to Castle.

overviw from center to castle

The area around the castle is the most ancient of the village. Narrow streets, with basaltic floor, run between the houses and run up to the castle.

ancient area

The Houses are built with local stones that have been worked by good local stone craftsmans. They left a beautiful witness.

houses in historical center

The facades have different aspect that depend of the kind of work of the stone. Some are regular and other no.

inside the center

Where Eat? Agri Hotel da Marianna Santa Domenica Vittoria, Trattoria Tipica Don Santo both long the road.