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Villa Valentina B&B is situated in Taormina countryside. Inside at 7.000 sqm of orange grove from where is possible reached the most important touristic places around Taormina.

Trappitello-Taormina 2019 Carnival

Trappitello is the largest village in Taormina surrounded by nature, large spaces, gardens with orange and lemon trees.

As in Taormina also Trappitello could not miss the performances for the carnival that with 2019 has arrived at the 7th edition and is already preparing for the year 2010.

Allegorical floats in papier-mâché have been set up larger than in Taormina. One of the many carts was equipped with a lifting system that raised the puppet from lying to a vertical position. Everything took place along the Via Francavilla or SS185 which was closed to traffic, becoming a large dance area, games and various jokes.

The real wagons realized in Trappitello were two, the rest came from the whole valley of the Alcantara and beyond. Francavilla, Graniti, Gaggi, Calatabiano and Fiumefreddo are the municipalities that participated in the event.

The wagons had different themes:

  • The first cart represented an elephant with a Hindu god behind it. The colors were bright and cheerful;

  • Brasil a large wagon that represented the country that made it an icon for the carnival. On the cart besides the colored parrot, the statue of Cristo Redento overlooking Rio de Janeiro, all choreographed by girls dancing on the platforms;

  • Wild animals in cages with a large gorilla sitting between them. The different wild animals of the jungle have been represented with costumes and masks with nice effects;

  • The pirates, a chariot with various papier-mâché puppets representing the typical characters we could see in films like The Pirates of the Caribbean or in the black corsair. The first figure is represented by the captain with the saber in the wind and all around skeletons, men of toil and the group that danced and sang;

  • Grease with his memorable songs and the carelessness of that era. Here it is represented by the giant posters of the two characters followed by a group of boys dressed in the fashion of those times;

  • The flower children. The big van of the volkswagen typical of the hippy movement led by two picturesque characters holding “cigarettes”. With typical 60s movement clothing, the group was on the van to dance and entertain passers-by;

  • The wagon for the kids with a big papier-mâché child surrounded by pacifiers and lollipops. The large group danced around the wagon.

carnevale taormina trappitello

  • The monsters show a cart with a papier-mâché puppet, of about 4m, representing Frankenstein who rose from his table. Above were wolves and other monsters in a frame of medieval walls.

  • Finally Lunapark. The colorful wagon with rides and games typical of the amusement park. A large papier-mâché head came out of a large cauldron.

The wagons paraded for about 1.5km taking 5 hours. During the parade, the presence of music in each wagon was the driving force for improvised dances and various jokes. Confetti and streamers flew everywhere. Children, and not only them, ran back and forth without respite in the name of fun.

One last, but perhaps the nicest, mini-group was a child, not too much, in a wheelchair followed by mum, dad and little brother.