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Villa Valentina B&B is situated in Taormina countryside. Inside at 7.000 sqm of orange grove from where is possible reached the most important touristic places around Taormina.

Where parking in Taormina and around

taormina porta catania parking

As each place in the world, parking is a big problem due to the number of cars raise day by day. Taormina, as all cities and villages in around, have a problem with parking and for Taormina  the problem due to position and dimension of the city is most than other cities in around.

Every city is furnished of blue line long the main street and inside way where is possible parking after bought the ticket. You can bauy the ticket in bar, tobacco shop, newsagents or in automatic box long the way.


Taormina center have 2 big parking, Lumbi and Porta Catania Parking, and one small called Porta Pasquale. Long  via Roma,  via Pirandello and other way out of historical center there are blu line parking. My advise is arriving in Porta Catania Parking and let there the care due to it is at 200m from the main pedonal way called Corso Umberto.

There is another parking in Mazzarò close to the cableway station from where is possible reach Taormina with cableway. Close this parking there are many private parking..


You can find parking long the city’s streets inside of the blue strips. Everywhere you want to go like to harbor, seafront and to the beach you will find blue strips for parking. However there are a couple of area where you can find parking more easy than long the streets. One is in the cross between SS185 and SS114, other in San Giovanni neighboor and one below the end of SS185.


Due to the its position and dimension, Castelmola have not parking for tourist long the ways of the city. They are reserved for resident peoples. Instead outside the city, before to arrive in the entrance of city, there are 2 parking and long the SP10 is possible park inside blue strip.


For those that wan to go to the beach or have booked in Letojanni must know that the seafront in summer is, for half of the day, closed for car. But if let car is no one problem you can park inside the blue strip long seafront or you can park long the SS114 always inside the blue strip. In this last case there are different subways to link SS114 with the city.

Forza d’Agrò

Arrived in the city the first point where is possible parking is in Cammareri square but going around the city you can park inside blue strips that you find long the ways. Try even long the SP16.


As Forza d’Agrò even here you don’t find many peoples so is more easy finding parking. You can find parking long the SP19 and SP21 inside blue strips.


The city is crowded of cars and finding parking long the city’s street is very hard and become more hard due to the kind of drive in south of Italy. Around the city there are many little private garage where is possible parking but even this case could be busy.

The cheaper parking where is possible find space for parking is close to the Train Station called Cavallotti Parking. It is good for two reason one because it is close to the center and second because there is the bus stop. Another parking is Il Farina Parking.

Gole dell’Alcantara

The Alcantara gorges are along the SS185 that link Giardini-Naxos at Francavilla. Here there are many little places where is possible parking. The most big area for parking is inside the Botanic Park. You can parking there even if you don’t use the Botanic park or the lift for to go down at the gorges.

Castiglione di Sicilia

Will not be tough find parking here. Arrived in the city it is possible parking inside blue strips. But, if you want visit the center of the city go inside and try to find parking there. You will not have problem because is not at limit traffic.


The country is large and has several stalls for parking. As for Castiglione di Sicilia, the advice is to park as close as possible to the center, therefore, along the SS120 near the Hotel Scrivano and the adjacent square. Sunday morning becomes a problem as the area is intended for the weekly market. However, continuing beyond the market along the SS120 you can check if there are free places in the cross streets.

Motta Camastra

The town has two small parking areas both outside the town. Another area where to park is via XX Settembre but to get there you will have to cross the town along its small via Corso Umberto I which is a two-way traffic and small in size. Don’t be afraid to do this as vehicular traffic is limited to a few cars.

Zafferana Etnea

The town has small parking areas and some of these are reserved for residents. However you will find parking along the main and secondary roads of the country always within the blue stripes. Depending on where you need to go, choose the streets closest to the place and park there.

Etna Rifugio Sapienza

The area of Rifugio Sapienza is a large area equipped for parking. There are stalls wherever you go and the place never fails except for a few special days of sporting events.


Like all large cities, it is plagued by the parking problem at any time of the day. There are blue stripes on every street in the city and there are also itinerant car parkers who use every space to park customers. Do not be afraid, they are more than reliable even if in most of the times the aspect seems to confirm the exact opposite. But, if you want to be on the safe side and your intent is to visit the center then you have two possibilities besides that of the blue stripes. One is the car park next to the Pacini Garden behind the Porta Uzeda and the other is the Bellini car park 100m from via Etnea.