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Villa Valentina B&B is situated in Taormina countryside. Inside at 7.000 sqm of orange grove from where is possible reached the most important touristic places around Taormina.

Taormina how many time needed to visit it deeply

Taormina is a little city and the time needed to visit it is important. The places to see are a lot. Fortunately the most of these are reacheble along the main pedonal street called Corso Umberto. The time that you have need depend by the time that you can spend on each single place. Take your time to read this tips for your trip in Taormina. We have traced an itinerary that touch the most important place between churches, historical places, food experience, naturalistic place and overview points. The first tip is where parking or from where start. We have choose the Southside of the Corso Umberto called Porta Catania at 200 meters from Porta Catania Parking. For who travel with car we tip this parking because is the most near at the center. The points that we will touch with our guide will be:

  1. Ex S. Antonio church and its permanent crib

    10 minutes

  2. Duchi of Santo Stefano palace

    20 minutes

  3. Duomo square and San Nicola di Bari church

    15 minutes

  4. Varò church

    5 minutes

  5. IX April panoramic square

    10 minutes 

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  6. San Giuseppe church

    5 minutes

  7. Santa Caterina church

    5 minutes

  8. Odeon or Roman theater

    5 minutes

  9. Corvaja palace

    10 minutes

  10. San Pancrazio church

    5 minutes

  11. Jupiter Serapis temple escavation

    5 minutes

  12. Greek theater

    40 minutes

  13. Pubblic garden

    30 minutes

  14. Naumachie

    5 minutes

  15. Carmine square

  16. Ex Carmine church today used for exhibitions

    5 minutes

The path is 4km long and will need 1 hour to cover all. The sum of time to visit each single place is 3 hours to this you must add that you need for shopping. Totale time that you need is aproximative 4-5 hours. For to safe time it’s possible remove some place like to Garden Pubblic or San Pancrazio church. So you will save about 1 or 2 hours. If this tour still take many time, you can see the quick guide where will find one path of 1-2 hours. See this guide for shopping but usefull for visit Taormina